We provide door, window and Furniture Hardware

COEN Hardware is a prominent manufacturer based in south China. Situated in Guangzhou’s suburban city, we specialize in crafting a wide variety of metal and plastic products, catering to all hardware and applications for furniture, room dividing, and architectural hardware involving wood, glass, and aluminum frames. With expertise in metals such as zinc alloy, aluminum, iron, steel, and stainless steel, we excel in delivering innovative and customized solutions. Our commitment to quality, timely service, and competitive pricing cements enduring partnerships with our clients. Welcome to explore our facility and experience our professional approach firsthand.

Our Story

Starting in 2007, COEN HARDWARE has grown into a major provider of hardware solutions for customers around the world.

Initially, it helped engineers and researchers collaborate across different fields. From 2007 to 2018, COEN achieved big advancements by bringing together various expertise. Between 2019 and 2021, COEN expanded globally, focusing on eco-friendly engineering solutions. Today, COEN HARDWARE across industries to address hardware-related challenges, solidifying its crucial role in the global hardware sector.

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